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Quality assurance



AGATEX has been working for many years in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001. AGATEX actively assumes responsibility for the processes for ensuring high quality standards and sets precise measures to protect people and the environment. Especially in production, a safety system is applied across the board to take all issues into consideration.

The AGATEX quality philosophy includes activities in all areas and applies to all stakeholders. This starts with employees treating each other with respect and extends to the safety systems implemented throughout the company. These systems take into consideration both the hardware and the software, including all information and values.

The high quality level maintained by AGATEX contributes to the business success of our customers. Quality also applies to the advice we provide – underlining that AGATEX possesses top quality knowledge of its customers and the production processes.

The quality philosophy at AGATEX is a proactive component of the company’s culture with the management team and the company’s employees ensuring that quality is maintained in all areas. As a result, quality assurance is a means to an end: the highest level of employee and customer satisfaction.

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