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Development / Co-development


The development of innovations and future-safe solutions with and for the customer are always at the centre of our focus.

detail-entwicklungDuring the first stage of development, AGATEX formulates the objectives together with the customer so that they can be put into effect rapidly as a development team. Research and development is based on in-depth chemical knowledge, an understanding of the use of chemicals and many years of experience with production processes used by the industries in which AGATEXT is active. The AGATEX product range clearly covers end-to-end production chains so that a complete solution can be offered.

The range of services available covers much more than production and sales of chemicals and customer-specific products. AGATEX provides its customers with comprehensive advice on the commercial and environmentally-friendly applications of products and how they are handled.

Future-safe development

AGATEX stands for innovation. Global trends and constantly changing industrial requirements open up opportunities for new products and markets The development teams, together with the sales team, are constantly on the lookout for new market opportunities with a view to providing the best solutions. Our experienced laboratory and sales personnel are available to assist you in choosing from more than 500 different products as well as developing new ones.

The AGATEX range of professional services is aimed at users, as well as co-producers to whom we offer contract production capabilities.

Do you have a question? Contact us directly at labor@agatex.at – our employees would be pleased to hear from you!

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