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Automotive lead detection with forming gas

leiste-oben-kfz1Why forming gas? Forming gas consists of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen. The hydrogen serves as the actual indicator during a leak test. 95/5 forming gas is not flammable, poisonous, or harmful to the environment. Leak detection using forming gas (95/5) and a sensitive hydrogen detector is efficient and cost effective.

The advantages of leak detection with forming gas:

  • Microscopic hairline cracks are pinpointed easily and conveniently
  • The test takes place at realistic pressures in the system
  • Forming gas is cheaper than refrigerant
  • Forming gas binds any residual moisture present in the system
  • Hydrogen is lighter than air and rises, making leak detection easier
  • No environmentally hazardous refrigerant escapes during leak testing
  • No waiting time – the results are available immediately.


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