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Automotive AC service units

leiste-oben-kfz2New laws relating to refrigerant and air conditioning service units have produced pioneering innovations and new products. These conform with the requirements for modern refrigerant at the same time as meeting the specifications of car manufacturers, who require maximum precision when filling air conditioning units. Two different oils can be used depending on the type of vehicle without risk of contamination.

The research team at TEXA have fully complied with this requirements with their new air conditioning service unit. The new development offers previously unattainable technical solutions and high safety standards.

The completely modernised service unit from TEXA

  • is suitable for R134a and for R1234yf
  • has two tanks with 15 kg each
  • features an up-to-date database with a selection of more than 7,000 vehicle units to choose from
  • contains completely new operating software
  • offers maximum safety
  • has a refrigerant weighing system that operates with a special, highly advanced system for weighing oil
  • incorporates a hermetically sealed oil vessel
  • contains an oil inspection and cleaning system
  • features an analyser to prevent contamination of the refrigerant
  • enables straightforward servicing
  • has automatic condensate drain.


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