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kaeltemaschinenoeleSelecting the right refrigeration oils in-line with the application requirements is decisive for trouble-free operation of cooling systems. Special high purity refrigerant and system-compatible refrigeration oils are needed for lubrication and for the compressors used in cooling system circuits. Together, the refrigerant and refrigeration oil have to meet the requirements of the air conditioning system and compressor manufacturers, taking into consideration the operating parameters of the cooling system. PAG oils from TRACERLINE and EMKARATE are used as refrigerant oils with numerous ozone-friendly refrigerants, such as R-134a, R-407C, R-404A, R-410A, HFO 1234ze in air conditioning systems for vehicles, industrial and household applications.

Universal refrigerant oil for servicing car air conditioning units (replaces PAG 46, 100 & 150):

  • Specially designed for servicing car air conditioning units
  • Proven extended service life and more reliable compressor operation
  • Replaces all PAG original oil fills in car air conditioning units. RL 2000 is compatible with PAG lubricants.

EMKARATE RL and Tracerline are the world’s leading brands of air conditioner oils. EMKARATE RL oil alone is used in around 500 million compressors.

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