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Hand care products

handpflegemittelHeavily stressed hands need effective care. Hebro®derm-Set 2000 is a complete solution for skin protection, cleansing and care, dermatologically tested and pH skin neutral.

Derma care – skin protection with a special combination of active ingredients on a polymer basis:

  • lowers the risk of infection
  • long lasting (up to 5 hours), non-greasy, silicon-free broadband protection without preservatives
  • easily distributed over the skin, works in quickly
  • the skin remains breathable and does not dry out. Does not block pores
  • Reduces stress on the skin

Derma care protects against wet, cold, heat, moisture, acids, lyes, various solvents, oils, grease, lubricants, varnish, paint, inks, adhesives, bitumen, tar, chalk, cement, soot, PU foams and much more.
How to use: rub sparingly onto clean, dry skin and rub in well. Re-apply skin protection after washing hands with soap or cleansing paste and before extreme stress.

Derma sil – alkaline-free, hand cleansing paste:

  • the special surfactant system ensures skin-friendly removal of dirt
  • high quality natural fats rejuvenate the skin by restoring the skin’s normal oil level
  • the surfactants are biodegradable according to the OECD screening test
  • contains high quality synthetic abrasives that are gentle on the skin and have been developed especially for the purpose of rolling dirt away from the pores.

Derma siI effortlessly removes oil, grease, tar, bitumen, paint, printing ink and much more.
How to use: use sparingly on preferably dry hands – rub until the dirt works free. Then add a little water and wash thoroughly. Finally, rinse well and dry as normal.

Derma lind – skin care lotion containing active ingredients with vitamin E, vitamin A, D-panthenol and alpha-bisabolol:

  • slightly oily skin care lotion can be distributed easily across the skin and works in well
  • protects and cares for stressed skin with almond oil, walnut oil and other skin compatible oils
  • Derma lind can be applied to all parts of the body, as required.
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