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Product overview



AGATEX offers high quality original and commercial products for more efficient processing and better end products. AGATEX has sufficient resources to handle major challenges successfully, while the company is compact and flexible enough to provide perfect support for smaller orders, which often involve creativity and swiftness.

The product range includes proven standardised products as well as special products for particular needs and special developments tailored to specific applications. If required, these can be designed, developed, tested and produced together with the customer as a co-development project.


“If you are looking for a specific solution that is not immediately available from our product range, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I am always keen to offer a customised solution or develop a new one. Put us to the test!”

Wolfgang Navratil

AGATEX delivers products as standard in 120 litre and 200 litre drums, IBC containers (1,000 litres) and tankers, by land and sea. Using flexible production facilities, mainly batch reactors (STR) with capacities between 160 and 16,000 litres, AGATEX can fulfil special requirements at short notice in terms of product, delivery period and delivery volume.

AGATEX’s strengths are in flexible production and rapid delivery to a tight schedule. You can rely on AGATEX for speed, reliability and quality.

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