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produkte-2-5-9-13-18-22LAMBAMIN emulsifiers consist mainly of sustainable raw materials and are used for the rapid and energy saving manufacture of stable oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions. LAMBAMIN emulsifiers are designed to produce special formulations of non-mixable phases that are then homogenous and stable in storage. Our product range features emulsifiers for various temperatures and pH values.
LAMBAMIN emulsifiers are used wherever creamy or high viscosity products make from hydrophilic and hydrophobic components need to be made homogenous and stable. There is a suitable product for most HLB value specifications in the range of LAMBAMIN emulsifiers.
LAMBAMIN emulsifiers are especially effective at keeping special formulations “in top form”. For this purpose we can develop customised products for special formulations and multiple component systems to meet our customer’s expectations. Examples include emulsifiers, dispersants and solubilizers for manufacturing polish emulsions, grinding emulsions, wax and paraffin emulsions, agrochemical products, building materials etc.

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