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produkte-15-19-23-27LAMEX defoamers are used to prevent, suppress or reduce the formation of foam. Application examples:

  • Reducing foam during washing, degreasing or cleaning processes in the metals industry, glass industry, food industry, etc.
  • Elimination of foam during fermentation processes
  • Rapid removal of air pockets while processing materials such as concrete
  • Complete exclusion and prevention of gas pores during the application of spreading, pressing and casting materials such as paint, varnish and bonding agents in the building materials and wood industries.

Special defoamers from AGATEX:

LAMEX P: defoamer for the paper industry
On paper mill machinery, stable foams have to be removed constantly to prevent often considerable disruption to the paper line due to floating contamination (foam spots). LAMEX P series products are ideal for destroying foam caused during various processes in cellulose and paper manufacturing. LAMEX P products are designed for special applications in the paper and cellulose industry:

  • Preventing stable foams that could deposit dissolved or undissolved substances in the paper line
  • Preventing air inclusions in the paper material
  • Rapid dewatering of the paper material
  • Increasing the line speed of paper mill machinery
  • Removing air during application of paints and coatings

LAMEX W: defoamer for waste water
LAMEX W series defoamers have been especially developed for waste water technology. LAMEX W products are proven in situations where foam would otherwise disrupt waste water treatment and recycling. Application examples:

  • Undesirable floatation of activated sludge in sewage plants resulting in insufficient backflow from the sedimentation basin.
  • Foam formation in sewage plant digestion towers
  • Waste water containing surfactants
  • Saponification products
  • Waste water from textile processing plants
  • Waste water from metal processing plants
  • Liquid waste from the food industry
  • All processes where undesirable foam is formed
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